ZVM-2411 or «Bukhanka» on the caterpillars


What will happen if you take a well -established domestic minibus (not habitually called the “loaf”) and make it something that can get you into such a distance, where there will be nowhere to go behind the tractor. So they make all -terrain vehicles in the Nizhny Novgorod region at the factory, though only the body is taken from the usual loaf, and some units, let’s figure it out in more detail what the beast turns out.

From above, this is a familiar loaf I think to everyone and so it is clear if you do not take into account the cut doors, which, by the way, are due to the fact that the car is amphibian, is able to swim at a cruising speed of 4-5 km / h.

At the bottom — all its own development, a sealed boat with caterpillars in which the motor and transmission are placed, that is, if you look at the car from below, nothing but the caterpillars of their wheels and stars can not be seen. In this case, the cabin (loaf) is rigidly welded to the boat, the question arises of how then to serve it all? In an ordinary loaf there was an approach from below and from the passenger compartment, only the salon part remains right away, hatches go along the entire cabin, it is difficult to do some procedures, but possible.

The steering is carried out using clutches, but the manufacturer as an option offers to install a regular steering wheel, which is more convenient to solve the driver, but as a rule no one wants to pay extra, so in the photo you can mainly find a torsion steering.

In motors, everything is just a company in almost all of its equipment offers three options: ZMZ gasoline or diesel and diesel cummins will have to be overpayed for the latter, with the most cheap ZMZ 409.10, the car will cost 2 lemon 410 thousand rubles, this price is bitten or not. You decide, but still a finished product with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The choice of caterpillars of three options are also offered all up to 400 mm wide: all-metal, rubber asphalt caterpillars with reinforced core and metal stamped tracks, but rubber-metal hinges. The first option is the cheapest and most durable.

I think everyone understands that Bolotin, snow virgin lands and soft soils are the element of this car, low pressure on the soil, excellent hook and ford you can’t just be signs, with one condition the angle of the entrances and exit from the water is 20%. According to the locksmith serving the ZVM “Pesol” of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, cars show themselves well in terms of reliability, the lower part is practically not subject to corrosion, and the body begins to rust only if it is damaged.

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