Yes, she is only two years old, her mileage is native: we bring the outbid to clean water with a device for 450 rubles


The domestic auto industry, as they were in the greatest demand in the market for new and used cars, apparently will continue to do so, what is the reason we all perfectly guess, but that’s not the point. The situation was as follows, a friend needed a workhorse for delivery and delivery, the budget was 350 thousand rubles. Decided to immediately watch VAZ, Priora and Kalina. There are a lot of them in our region, and most importantly, you can always sell quickly, ads rarely hang for more than a week, and if they do, then it makes little sense to go to see such a car.

Actually, in search of an option, we came across an ad — Kalina, 16 years old, mileage 33 thousand, not broken, the girl went to the institute on weekends, all questions by phone. The price is pleasant, according to the photo the car is really fresh, one might say new, and it was this brilliance of the “new” car that immediately alerted me. We decided to go see, we have a small city on inspections will not go broke.

The essence of the matter became clear immediately after the request to show the title and passport. Sergey is standing in front of us, and Anna is in the PTS. In general, I agree, there is nothing for a girl to deal with the sale of a car on the secondary market, but still, will we see Anna? Yes, guys, of course you will see, but she is not in the city now. (I wish she were in the city…)

The second main question is, how is it, the car’s mileage is 33 thousand and such a shine, there are practically no cobwebs, but if you look closely at the areas under the door handles or around the icons, then everything is not so smooth there, and is the hologram visible? The answer followed, but not intelligible, they applied wax, or rubbed it with badger fat, Sergey himself did not understand what he had done there, but his car shone.

In a good way, it was necessary to turn around and leave, but still, while a friend began to communicate with a reseller for a difficult life, I decided to connect the Chinese toy ELM 327 and read the mileage readings from the ECU through OpenDiag (what if?).

Of course, I thought that they had already learned how to correct everything even particulate filters and SRS blocks for a long time, but the hack was as it was, and remains. Probably, as in Japan, it is necessary to introduce criminal liability for deceit and fraud in the sale of cars, you see, we will be more respectful to each other, more honest.

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