Why «the car to smithereens» after a small accident is good


Almost everyone complains about the quality of modern cars: the steel is thin, painted on the knee, disposable engines.

I can’t say anything by motors and LKP, but according to the situation with the “cardboard” of modern cars I would like to reflect.

Everyone saw this picture:

In fact, it is not so bad for the car. Although bad, to whom I am lying.

And everyone remembers Soviet cars, which was quite difficult to rush. They withstand quite strong blows, turned the pillars, bent trees.

Steel for the body did not spare there. The car was more like an armored personnel carrier.

What now?

And now cars from the slightest accident are going to Total — insurance companies simply write them off for analysis, paying the owner the entire cost of the car.


Not really. Saving here is far from in the foreground. In the foreground — security!

And that’s why:

All modern cars pass crash tests, the positive result of which largely determines the success of the model in the market.

To ensure the «five stars» you need to sacrifice something. In this case, by a car.

The front and back of the car was gradually turned into a peculiar dampfer zone, due to which most of the energy of the blow is extinguished. The rest is on the safety issue of the driver and passengers to go to belts and pillows of safety.

The modern machine in the front and behind can be represented in the form of an accordion. In the accident, even the most insignificant, these parts begin to crush on the requested zones of deformation. That is, the car is crushed as it is laid by engineers.

Thanks to this, the engine goes down, and the racks, the pedal node and the front panel remain in place to leave the space for people.

In fact, this can be called «cardboard». But in fact, this is a complex security element.

But the strength of modern machines completely migrated into the capsule around the cabin. She already holds the whole blow, so that in a collision from any side to maintain the space of the salon in its original form.


Therefore, it is impossible to say that modern cars have lost quality.

Yes, before the trees were higher, and the grass is greener, but now the main emphasis is on safety. And I am sure that you can find thousands of people who, thanks to this «cardboard», remained alive.

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