Why do they hide car numbers in the photos in ads?


The other day I drove into my garage cooperative in order to change the wheels and conduct a more detailed inspection of the car on the subject of “what traces the outgoing winter left.” I was minding my own business, taking photos for the channel, a neighbor comes up and says: “Could you help me photograph a car for sale?”, There was time, I decided to help. He drove the car, took a newspaper and went to close the license plates on the car. He has a good car, a Citroen C4 13 years old with a mileage of 14 (!) thousand kilometers, a man of age, he spent money on a thing, but it was a pity to use it.

The neighbor could not really answer why he was closing the rooms, he just saw that they were doing this, people are not stupid, so it must be so.

The thing is that the license plate is one of the “keys” in many databases: the traffic police, insurance companies, the accident database and a number of others. Knowing the number, you can learn a lot about the history of a particular car, and, therefore, at this stage, you can immediately decide for yourself whether it is worth going for an inspection or not. It is beneficial for a dishonest seller to hide “extra” information, a competent seller = a competent psychologist, his task is to get you to a personal meeting so that you evaluate his cool car, listen to the story, and most importantly part with the money.

Did you know that on

It is on the example of a report from the Autoteka that we will consider what information can be obtained knowing only the state number of a car.

For example, let’s take the Peugeot 407, I often see it on the next street, the other day they stuck an inscription on it for sale with a phone. I talked with the seller, a surprisingly honest man, he told almost the complete truth. We remember the number, and then to the computer, watch the report. Screenshots below…

As you can see, you can learn a lot, although the car itself is outwardly in good condition, and there are only 2 owners in the duplicate TCP. The conclusion is ambiguous, not everyone hides the license plate in order to hide information, incomprehensible fears, herd instinct, they still hide it, and I will hide it, but suddenly. But still, the main task is to pull a potential client out of his chair into «combat» conditions.

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