Why do some drivers turn on the “emergency” after the traffic police inspector stopped?


I think many noticed that some drivers after stopping the inspector immediately include an alarm, which can cause a number of questions, for example, whether it is necessary to do this and what the traffic rules say and what the inspector will say and why?

I would like to start with the fact that the traffic police inspectors are required to stop vehicles only in places where the stop is allowed. What is quite logical, it cannot make the lawyer with his actions to force you to violate the rules, well, not in real life, of course, but in principle? This is exhaustively described in paragraph 2 of the “Regulation on the State Road Safety Inspectorate”.

The next moment, you need to refresh the knowledge of the traffic rules, namely, recall the item about the alarm. This is the 7th chapter, paragraph 7.1. Actually, there is nothing about stopping by the inspectors, the following cases are described: an accident, forced stop, planting the landing of children, but only for the vehicle with the “Children” sticker, when blinding xenon nine, during towing.

In principle, this is enough to understand — it is not necessary to include an emergency alarm when stopping the traffic police inspector is not required, but why do some do it?

Everything is explained very simply, some drivers are sincerely sure that if they got up where they are not supposed, or as it should be, then the “emergency” forgives them everything (well, like youth). And for the majority, the inspector stops this stress, experiences, and suddenly violated, and suddenly they find it and so on, accordingly, the “emergency” is turned on at the reflex level.

There is another, more conscious moment. Inspectors as a whole are not important security, their task is to work out a plan and go home, so they can stop you in the second row or in a place where your car will interfere with so decently. Understanding this, drivers either stop where the inspector showed, but the alarm is turned on to attract attention. Or they go further in a safer place, but then often you have to wait a long time for the inspector, they usually have little desire to walk with them, and it is unsafe.

The conclusion is simple, they include either reflexively or consciously to protect your rear, in general, the matter is voluntary, but if the stoppage is quite calm, then what is the point of spending a resource of light bulbs and listening to the relay/biper.

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