Why are the Chinese sitting massively on the new Volkswagen, and not on Toyota, Geely or Gac


Recently, I have been actively following the automobile market of China, namely, local manufacturers. I like the approach, growth and development rates, as well as the attitude to the product market as a whole — we take the best solutions, make the same thing, competently reduced and ready.

But here is a paradox, in the Chinese market, at least 17 sufficiently well -known local manufacturers, but take a look at sales statistics for 2018, I will apply the screenshot below.

How do you like this state of affairs? VW overtook the closest competitor in sales by more than doubled, I personally have a reasonable question — why?

Why aren’t Japanese popular brands that produce 10 local models sharpened exclusively for the Asian market, why not local manufacturers who give low prices, namely Volkswagen?

Before trying to understand “how” I want to stop the focus of attention at VAG plants around the world. Their factories are around the world: 14 pieces in Germany, further from 1 to 3 in different countries of Europe, 2 in Russia, in the USA only 1, in Mexico 3, in Brazil 4, in China 13, and factories of different directions, but of different orientations, but All the full cycle is made by boxes, engines, electric motors, collect cars. In general, nothing surprising in such a demand. But this is rather a retreat, let’s try to figure out what such a demand is justified.

The first thing that comes to mind when you realize the scale of the brand’s localization is probably they

Indeed, the prices are competitive, and the models of local manufacturers are sometimes even more expensive, even in comparison Geely. In China, they love a sedan, so VAG in fact cloned Jetta, making about 4 models, they differ in an internal combustion engine and pricing policy, some car is cheaper as possible, but the appearance does not give out in any way, some, on the contrary, gives a maximum of options. At the top there was a screenshot of the top 10 models of 18 years, there are 5 VW models, of which 4 Jetta and Tiguan.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that in China, with almost all models, 3 boxes are choice — mechanics, hydro -automatic and DSG, but many say: “Give Tiguan with an automaton, then I will take it.”

But does the price decide? One of the good acquaintances in his student years independently learned Chinese and went for a better life there. In 2012, they met on his vacation in the city, asked a reasonable question — “What does you feed you in China?” (At that time he lived there for 2 years).

The answer was simple — “knowledge of languages”. He works as an English tutor, from his words the rich Chinese is a “bzik” — to marry a girl with a European appearance, dress in European clothes. Everything is taught by English and strengthened.

Naturally, this “bzik” has a place to be the choice of a car. I found several Chinese sites with reviews about cars, I was not too lazy to tormented the automatic translation. In short, many frankly “trot” the local auto industry, write about the low reliability of local cars and about the technology of VAG in comparison with the Japanese auto industry.