Which variator will be installed on Lada Vesta, and most importantly, will they buy?


    Let’s start with what, from April 18, some joint venture alliance rostec Auto B.V. Completed the ransom of shares of the company AvtoVAZ, under their control 99%. To make it clear Alliance Rostec Auto B.V. This is a joint venture of the State Corporation Rostec and Renault. This “joint venture” was registered in the Netherlands, created specifically to manage AvtoVAZ, probably 2150 kilometers from Moscow is more convenient to manage.

    Actually, what is this introduction to?

    Let’s remember the year 2015, who believed in the success of the Vesta project? Everyone spoke only about losses, about the imminent increase in prices, which is not surprising against the background of general growth. But no one thought that, reporting on losses, you can slyly play with the taxes, and now the money is not visible where and to whom …

    In reality, the practical everyone who sensibly evaluated Vesta said the following: “Of course this is a trough, but it costs it cheaper and take it, they will praise and lick it, but its main problem is it —

    Let’s get back to the variator

    The idea that production should be expanded in Russia was put forward by Carlos Gon (General Director of the Alliance). After 75% of the shares began to belong to the alliance, he immediately decided — yes it is necessary to localize the production of engines and boxes! Although in the 15th year, imported units were refused to put imports precisely because of money — expensive. And when the profit in offshore and the control package of shares on the hands became inexpensive.

    This variator was on Nissan

    Weak places of the variator JF015E.

    Will they take? Naturally and of course!

    But decisive

    They will put the variator, now this is only a matter of time and bureaucracy, but the alliance will not refuse money now, the model is promising and I would have taken in the Comfort configuration on the variator.