When I show a truck driver a fig and why it affects the safety of others


Many gestures and signals between drivers on the road are familiar to everyone. But there are some that are a mystery to many.

I will reveal one of them to you in this post. This gesture may be familiar to many, but for some it will be news.

So, everyone knows what kind of gesture — fig. Picture for clarity:

And now what motorists call a fig:

As you can see, there is some similarity with the gesture.

So, motorists call a fig an object stuck between the twin wheels of heavy trucks.

Such a stone or brick does not interfere with the truck driver. A certain imbalance of the wheels on the mass of the car is not noticeable.

But when he flies out of the wheels, and this will certainly happen, someone may get sick. Nobody wants to catch such a brick with the face of their car.

So about the gesture.

Seeing such a muzzle and overtaking a heavy truck, stick your hand out the window and show a fig in the direction of the truck. Most drivers of large vehicles are familiar with the gesture and you will immediately see how the truck stops, and the driver goes to pick out a stone with a crowbar.

If the driver is not familiar with the gesture, try to stop him with an emergency gang and explain the situation.

On the road, you need to think not only about your safety.

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