What to take: Lada Vesta “full stuffing” or Kia Rio “first complete set with automatic”?


Let’s traditionally start with sales statistics for specific models. For the current year, 47 thousand West and 39 thousand Rio have already been sold, while Vesta added 17% compared to last year, but Rio sales sank by 8%. One way or another, this is the choice of the people, the second and third place in the sales rating in Russia.

Recently I went with my friend to the Lada salon, where he, in all seriousness, counted on a loan for a Lada Vesta 1.8 in the Exclusive configuration, he was credited with 885 thousand rubles with winter tires without discs and anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom. And so I thought about it, I took Rapida much cheaper, although the equipment was far from being a drum, then Vesta cost a little more than 650 in the top, only two years have passed and the price is already under 900. The price for which you can really watch any car from the B-class.

To the question, “Lech, why does Vest need 900?”, the answer was received: “Yes, you compare the equipment and everything will become clear.”

Let’s start with RIO, it will be easier with it, the first question is why 1.4 and not 1.6? Everything is just 1.4 Kappa, a relatively new engine, and unlike 1.6 it has been perfectly modified:

By “minced meat” in Rio, of course, it’s scarce, however:

Of the necessary, cruise control, lumbar support and a central armrest would not be superfluous. H4 optics are structurally not the best option, and here I also quote “Increased service life of headlight lamps (up to 1500 hours)”, this is achieved by stupidly reducing the voltage on the lamps to 11 Volts, so which lamps do not put there, but you need to start with voltage.

Now Vesta

And the question is, is it worth it?

Yes, Vesta will feel more functional, more expensive, but will it make sense paired with a box that is not the most pleasant? Even now, after a series of software improvements, they have not been able to make the behavior of the robot adequate, and the switching is faster, and they have implemented a “creeping” mode, but this is a half-measure that simply kills the clutch faster. The 1.8 engine eats with good appetite, while with the robot it practically refuses to accelerate.

A light and rain sensor, as well as other “ruffles” that are and are not, for me personally, driver’s feelings are much more important — how the car drives, how the transmission, engine, its sound, reaction work. The same Alcantara seats — but what difference does it make from what they are in a budget car, the quality of these materials will be comparable to the price.

The real advantage of Vesta lies only in the clearance, which, for example, does not really make sense for a resident of the capital or +/- a large city who has a normal entrance to the dacha, as well as a more spacious and functional interior, which will be a plus for large people and button pushers.

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