What to do with a car after an accident, we compare offers from repurchase and from resellers


As they say: “the road does not forgive mistakes”, but the saddest thing is that it does not forgive other people’s mistakes either. You can drive as calmly as possible, not quickly-immediately = at the speed of the flow, but because of someone who wanted to go faster, slower, stop abruptly, end up in an accident.

From time to time, YouTube throws me videos with selections of similar situations in recommendations — which show that it is not necessary to create a dangerous situation in order to find yourself in it — for which I thank its algorithms, they bring driving experience down to earth very well.

Recently, one of my friends called and asked where I could quickly sell a car that can hardly be called a car. I can’t say that I am an expert in these matters, but sometimes I sell cars, but when you need to sell not even now, but yesterday, then there is only a ransom, without options, I advised

A friend, a year ago, for some reason decided to buy an ix35 for 125 thousand rubles, he wanted to start parsing it in his garage. As a result, the ix35 has been on the street for more than a year. The former owner of this car got into an unpleasant situation on the Moscow Ring Road in winter. The road is wide, you can go 120, but some go even faster. One of these riders decided to change into a blind lane after 3 rows and, with his actions, clipped the ix35 with a touch. Mom’s racer fled the scene, and the ix35 driver lost control and went first into the gazelle, and then into the bump stop. As a result, everyone turned out to be intact, which is the most important thing, it’s a pity that the rider was never found, he definitely needed a lesson.

After the incident, the owner quickly sold the car for a penny, since the court and the police could not help in any way and decided to spend time at work, and not on our bureaucracy. My friend did not have time to start dismantling this car, as soon as money was needed for my mother, he put up an advertisement for the sale for 200 thousand rubles. A lot of outbids came, no one wanted to pick up for 200, they offered a maximum of 150. The car has a whole engine that even starts, the box is torn, there are 3 doors, a trunk lid and partially there is an interior — it seems there is something, but in general it is used G4NA engine at best 70-100, doors 5-10, cover 5, rear gearbox 20-25 + a bunch of little things that need to know the price and need to be able to sell.

As a result, he decided to send a photo for a preliminary assessment to bitauto and received a response of 170-200, preliminary, as a result, a tow truck with an appraiser arrived right at the place, as a result they agreed on 195. A lot or a little in such situations does not matter, the main thing is speed and amount a little less than expected.