What happened to the Hyundai Solaris salon for 87 thousand run in carsherring


Recently, only new cars came across in car sharing, a mileage of up to 10,000 km at best. But about half a year ago I went to Kia Rio and paid attention to a strongly worn steering wheel, looked at the tidy and saw a mileage of 70,000 km there, I also saw Kaptur, who have been working for a long time and is more recently beloved by many in our country — 87 Hyundai Solaris with a mileage of 87 000 km.

On the one hand, 87,000 is a children’s run, but you need to consider that this is a children’s run for the operation of a person who gave money for a car or gives a loan. How do they operate car sharing? That someone will spend gold minutes on the engine heating or will someone in severe frost to warm the checkpoint? The operation is hard, and to some extent even brutal.

Outwardly, the car looks good, there are minor gratings on bumpers, sandblasting on headlights, lanterns, chips on the hood and the edge of the roof, but not to metal, but to the ground (after all, the cataphorical soil holds well). It can be seen that the car is strongly “blurred”, as they wash either dry methods or on the most cheap sinks.

Engine 1.4, if you look at its technical component, then in theory it should be very reliable. There are hydraulic compensators, additional oil -links, a chain, at the same time it is quite technologically advanced, two phase rotators, 130 nm from a small atmospheric volume. Everything is marked under the hood, and subjectively in the mud — they have not changed anything for a long time.

Salon — here all the most interesting begins, namely, «not mine — not a pity.» Let’s start with the driver’s place, everything is not so bad here. The seat is cheerful, lateral support, the fabric is also in order, just very dirty and slightly formed for the fifth point.

The threshold and the door were greatly scratched, by the way, the belt was already fastened like that, we had all the rangers, and the belt came up with their underpants. The steering wheel, selector and handbrake at the same time look good, ordinary scuffs.

It is much more interesting to look at the back row, here the barbarians rode — the windows of the windows are broken under the root, the door maps are not scratched, but cut, the condition of the seats is quiet horror for the dry cleaning master. These “common cars” are good, personally, explain why, after a month of repair in the entrance, the walls accept the initial state before the repair — the people with us …

But on the go, the car pleased, the engine started easily, the box is slightly kicking when the selector is transferred to the Drive and Reverse mode, but everything is regular at the switching. By the way, the boxes seemed to be done when I went to Rio 3 I really did not like how it worked. Something shrubs a little in front, it looks like a support of a checkpoint or an internal combustion engine, although what exactly is known to one scrap.

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