We make air conditioning in any car for 300 rubles with our own hands


In the heat I want cold, in the frost of warmth, not to please a person. In cars with ICE, to make the heating of the salon is not a problem, because The efficiency of the engine is small, which means a lot of energy goes into heat. It is more difficult to cool, because it is more expensive.

For most modern economy cars, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury, even if it is not in the basic configuration, then for an additional fee that rarely exceeds 50 thousand rubles, you can get the treasured coolness in summer heat.

But what about the huge fleet of cars without air conditioning, which are more than enough on our roads? It was time to work in the editorial office of one regional newspaper, at one moment the question arose about optimizing the staff, the authorities decided to dismiss the driver who transported newspapers in kiosks, and transfer his duties to who has rights. Of the entire staff, only I and the director were of law. In general, they gave me the VAZ-2107 and the obligation to deliver the fresh batch of newspapers in kiosks, from about 9 to 13.

Summer then turned out to be very stuffy, at 10 a.m. already 30 degrees in the sun, then an unpretentious idea came to make its stay in the classics more pleasant.

Next, take the container and think over the location of the cooling fans, as well as the loading hole. The essence is very simple in containers we will lay bottles of ice (it is much more convenient to use packages for freezing ice). The fan will catch air into the container, the air will pass through the ice, cool and go through the outlet.

To improve the efficiency of work, you can use a pair of fans, I will immediately say one thing really. We serve power to the fans from the cigarette lighter, I personally did not bother with the toggle switches, regulators and other things.

The exhaust hole can be made from plumbing pipes with corrugation so that you can adjust the direction of air, you can also make a branch so that air can be directed in several directions.

In the future, there was an idea to make a container not from the canister, but from the foam, to make a kind of thermos and the ice melted a little longer.

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