We check whether it makes sense to buy the history of accommodation by auto.ru


Previously, many stories unfolded around the distillers (people who drove cars from Japan or Germany), now they have re -qualified, but already in the resellers. It was much easier to earn on imported cars, and with resale in place, things are much more difficult — you want to earn cunning, wise, deceive. Someone takes on beating, someone knows how to buy a market cheaper or react to a good offer earlier. One way or another, there are many incomprehensible and gray schemes in the secondary market, exactly more than in the market of new cars.

Every day, someone gets strongly with the purchase of a car, take for example the blog of the car forensic scientist Maxim Shelkov, who monthly shoots several videos with stories about how people buy strongly broken or stolen cars with broken numbers at a market price, and many sincerely believe, that the sale of stolen cars is not engaged now.

And so, in this whole story, the prevailing place began to be occupied by the aggregator of sales ads, who remembers the good old car markets? I used to put up a car and wait until your client comes, now this niche was taken away by various kinds of sites and car dealerships. And most buyers choose a more convenient way to select interesting offers-Avito, Drom, Auto, my advertising, maybe some groups in VK.

Initially, all these sites chose the development vector towards those who place the ads gave them paid opportunities to display their ad above all, to highlight it and so on. However, people who want to buy on such sites are much more than earn on them? Initially, everything was scattered by the resources that provided data from the databases, now, for example, on Avito, along the way, they offer to buy a car report.

But auto.ru went their own history, they immediately offer a small report without any specifics (which is logical, it would not be beautiful, they would take bread from colleagues). But they gave the most interesting opportunity to customers when they introduced the history of accommodation, which hit the resellers and other dishonest sellers very well.

Let’s go immediately to the examples, but I’ll start with the question-did you ever think about buying a 1-2-year-old car with minimal mileage, but save on a loss of $ after leaving the cabin? Let’s say the answer will be — yes!

Then here you have an example — Kia Optima, the dream of many successfully rising guys, now I’ll ride on Optima, then jump on Camry, then you look at Lexus. Announcement, Black Optima, 18 years old, already two owners and mileage of some 29 thousand km, normal mileage for the year of operation in Moscow. In the description there is a fairy tale about re -registering from father to son, a car in one family …

The rates for the acquisition of the history of placement and at that time I bought a report as much as 270 rubles, later it was already worth 98 rubles, there is also a variation of prices depending on the brand (logical, you choose Lada — for you one price, Mercedes — you are another).

It is not so simple to deceive the system, you need VIN, where most of the characteristics coincide, but the chance that it was not put up to Auto.ru high. Do not treat this as an advertisement, just during the search for a car I decided to check how it works, and therefore there will be no links here.