We check what will happen if you drown the modern car on the go


Recently published an article on saving when moving on a neutral program and in the comments a decent dispute ensued, one of the readers named Sergey wrote approximately the following “Yes, when I was in a good tip, I mumble a car”, someone intelligibly explained that if if it was intelligible that if He does not have a carburetor car without EPHH, then there is no sense in this, the transfer is higher, the gas pedal will be released and the consumption will be 0, in response to this, a message came about the loss of “precious” inertia, because A lot of useful work will go to the rotation of the crankshaft, and someone objected “what kind of nonsense, when you are jamming the car, the steering wheel is barely spinning, but consider the brakes.”

And so, one of the readers, who is the owners of Skoda Rapid and loves to read our articles precisely because of the large number of articles about this car, recorded a small video where he demonstrated what would happen if he drowned the car right on the move, naturally he chose an empty road , and the speed did not exceed 20 km/h. The experiment was conducted in two cases: with the transmission on and on neutral gear, a mechanic box.

So, in the first case, when the transmission is turned on, turning off the ignition, the steering electric power power steering completely retains its work, as well as due to the fact that the engine continues to rotate, but already due to the rotation of the brake amplifier, the operation of the wheel amplifier is maintained.

However, when the checkpoint lever was converted into a neutral position, and the experiment was carried out again, the brake amplifier no longer worked, but the steering wheel amplifier even in this situation remained active.

In general, VAG cars are quite “smart” and there is enough protection from the fool in them, for example, the hood cannot be opened until the driver’s door is open, and the wipers will not work until the hood is open.

Someone will say why such experiments, but any unit can fail, it is useful to know how the car will behave and whether it will be possible to stop safely.

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