We buy summer tires: is it worth overpaying for top models


Many of the motorists are now busy with the issue of buying summer tires. And, let’s be honest, 90% of them are thinking about how to save money on this. These are our realities.

A simple example: the top Continental Ecocontact 5 in the popular size 195/65 R15 will cost 20+ thousand rubles per set. Pretty impressive.

But is there a need to take top models? There is no single opinion here. But I will speak from my experience.

If the price for top-end tires does not knock your budget out of whack for a couple of months, then taking them is definitely worth it.

There is only one point here: tires are the only element of the car that is in direct contact with the road.

And saving on tires is frankly stupid.

With top tires, you can do a lot on the road. And they will forgive a lot.

But there are nuances here.

Tires of the middle price segment are inferior to the top ones only in terms of critical indicators.

Here the opinion is only subjective, but I’m sure that an ordinary car enthusiast who rides in the city most of the time, occasionally going to the highway and even sometimes heaping 150+ km / h there, will not notice the difference between the same Continental Ecocontact 5 and, for example, Goodyear Eagle Sport, which are almost half the price in the same size.

But here questions arise: if there is no difference, then why pay more?

Everything, as you know, lies in the details. Somewhere the tire will tear where the top one would hold, somewhere you will be safer to go through the wet section, and somewhere an expensive tire will hold the car better in a turn.

It is from all this that the price of top-end tires is formed.

I note that this applies specifically to summer tires. With winter, everything is somewhat more complicated.

Budget new tires are incomparably better than top used ones.

Everything is clear here. If there is money only for budget new tires, then they should be taken. Yes, you should not slide into the cheapest models — the probability of low-quality products is high there. But solid middle peasants are definitely better than top-end used tires.

I was looking for tires before last summer season and for a number of characteristics my choice fell on Paxaro SUMMER PERFORMANCE. A little-known brand, which, however, is a ward of Continental.

So, on these tires I dashed off under 30 thousand kilometers during the season. Most of the tracks, but there were races and very sad sections of the road.

As a result: no complaints about grip and handling, no cuts / punctures, minimal wear per season. I am satisfied.

What would happen to used tires? Unknown. Tires are a fairly complex structure. And no one is able to fully assess their condition.

In addition, new tires have an undeniable advantage: they are new. And rubber, as you know, changes significantly with age in its properties.

Therefore, buying used tires is a lottery in which the risk is unreasonably high.

At the moment, I can’t afford top-end tires without breaking the budget, so I’m looking again towards the middle peasants (I sold the last car and the summer tires went with it).

Maybe I’ll take the same model, maybe something else.

But as soon as my financial situation allows me to take top tires without prejudice, I will definitely buy them.

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