We analyze the analysis of synthetic oil “every day” from Auchan for 650 rubles, can it buy it?


Large hypermarkets are a good place to buy engine oil. Firstly, a small risk of falling on a fake, exhibiting on a large network shelves is not the easiest even for large oil producers, what to say about some basement deceivers. Secondly, the discounts and stocks, for example, today took his oil Hell Helix HX-8 for just 1299 rubles, before that I took it on the ozone, 1500-1700 each.

Looking at the shelves with butter, I was surprised to find “every day” motor oil, I saw foods with this brand, saw the napkins wet, but I never paid attention to the oil. As far as I know, Auchan redeems various kinds of ruined (including because of cooperation with Auchan) and begins to produce products under the brand “every day” at their capacities.

So, for 650 rubles we are offered 4 liters of synthetic oil with a viscosity of 5W-40. To understand the question, I opened the Yandex MarketPlays — I took it and decided to see what they offer on filters: oil — synthetic — 4 liters — sorting, first cheaper. The minimum price is 900 rubles. Simply put, 650 (a liter of 162 rubles) — cheap.

Let’s start with the classification of the API — the classification of the American fuel institute, which shares oil in quality. On the etiquette, the inscription API SG/CD flaunts. The SG class was approved in 1988, and in 1993 it was replaced by a more demanding class SH. Simply put, this oil classification is suitable for engines from 88 to 93 years of release. CD is conditionally the same for diesel engineers.

Based on this, we can conclude that the oil is very archaic and is not suitable for modern ICE, but do not rush. In order for the canister it is possible to legally place any classifications and approval, the oil must be tested, and it costs money. Now I propose to move on to the analysis data, which the inhabitants made the Oil-Club form, after which we draw conclusions.

So, let’s start with the sulfur content, in the tested sample, the sulfur value is 0.265, this indicator can be judged that clean basic oil and modern additives were used in production. IR spectrum of Fourier (this is the technology for identifying an unknown chemical) shows that hydrocracking oil, without adding mineral oil (although at this price I would like to expect this).

The temperature of the oil is -45 degrees, a good result for 5W -40. It is also worth noting that there is organic molybdenum in oil, which favorably affects the sound of engine operation and the protective properties of oil.

The only moment is not a very high alkaline number, this oil will be washed well, but not for long, so it is better to change it more often, which is not a problem with such a price.

Simply put, based on the analysis, the oil is not inferior to some “foreign” expensive analogues, but somewhere even surpasses. The only question is how stable it is from party to party. According to the analysis, you can’t say that this is SG, perhaps the class “drew” the class, so as not to spend money on certification. In any case, you can fill it, even in a modern car, you just need to be changed more often, at least once every 5-7 thousand kilometers.