Two ways to restore unpainted plastic bumpers (cheap and correct)


In order to save money on some models, for example, Renault Logan or Lada Granta, unpainted bumpers are used. For many practical car owners, this is even a plus, somewhere you can bump with a bumper and not really worry. Also, unpainted plastic can often be found in the form of overlays on bumpers, for example, in places of alleged touch points.

The problem is naturally solvable, there are two ways −

All preparation in fact consists in a good cleaning of the plastic structure and degreasing, it is applied in 2-3 layers and the element becomes “like new”. A good option to refresh the car before selling.

Second way

The whole point lies in the uniform heating of the bumper, the appearance will change before our eyes, the plastic will melt and acquire a more saturated color and gloss, it is very important not to overexpose the hair dryer in one place, otherwise traces of its movement are visible later, which by the way become less noticeable over time.

For large areas, this is of course a torment, but for the narrow bumpers of the Zhiguli Classic or for narrow moldings on the sides of the doors, it is perfect. Especially in which case it will always be possible to correct errors by the first method.

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