Took Qashqai in car sharing, the first impressions and overview of the cabin


I never drove to Nissan Qashqai, while in fact it is surrounded by these cars, in the yard it costs 3, I took father -in -law a year ago. And now he ended up in the capital on business trips, with movement it is of course difficult, the distances are large, traffic jams, but even despite this, in some situations, it is not only comfortable to go by car, but also faster, but car sharing has a big plus — so far there were no traffic jams Faster on it, parking is free, and you can go back by public transport.

When I opened the application and saw that there was Qashqai and Genesis nearby, I chose the first one of the two and the question is not at all the price, but rather the interest in the car. I wanted to try it on myself. According to statistics, Kashkai is now 23rd in (11270 cars since January 2019), it is very inferior to Sportage, even more expensive RAV4 bought more people.

Outwardly, Kashkai looks very good, not to say that female, although at the wheel of Nissan you can often see girls. Aggressive in front, a good side line, the ass looks a little simpler, but in general, I personally, I like Qashqai more than the same Sportage.

Planting, visibility and chairs. Firstly, there was no need to get used to, for example, to uncomfortable mirrors or large racks, everything is clearly visible. After the capture, it is probably difficult to come up with something more uncomfortable in terms of landing, but I sat down quickly-the steering wheel has a large range of adjustments, and not nominal, as it happens. The chair is soft, like a sofa, the owners of the VAG group will feel especially well. But at the same time, you feel confident in it, there is lateral support, also a very convenient lumbar support.

A bunch of DIC. 2 atmospheric liters and variator. I don’t know how they manage to, I will explain, I went at one time on the Nissan Juke 1.6 with the variator, since then I have been distrustful about the variator and without much love, you will not immediately understand that this is a variator. The response to the pedal is fast, if you need to accelerate it accelerates, and not stupidly roars. But the most pleasant thing is the consumption, for car sharing cars, you can appreciate this indicator well, below the photo, evaluate yourself.

Since we approached the dashboard we will talk about it in more detail. I liked the informative BC, which is convenient to use the buttons on the steering wheel, but at the same time we look to the right and pay attention to some kind of radio with a screen from 2008, a drive and a very wretched interface, like this, Nissan?

Otherwise, there are no problems in configuration-automatic light, heating of the steering wheel, mirrors are folded automatically, all windows with a car mode, and this is not even TUCSON for 2.2 million, there is a cruise control and a two-zone climate and this is all in a minimum for 1.34 with two liters and variator.

Another plus-you begin to “move” the salon, even very much, but there are no creaks, sit in the new Camry or Ch-R. Materials of the type are soft, look normal.


By the way, another nuance is a suspension and noise insulation, softly, quietly, but there are rolls, you especially feel when you pass the interchanges. Honestly, I didn’t think that this car would like it so much. I can’t now understand the people who buy Rio, Solaris, Polo, Rapid in the maximum trim levels for 1.1-1.2, add 150 and get this …

Is there a Kashkai owners among the owners? Share emotions from long -term operation. And if there are those who chose between Kashkai and competitors, tell us what they chose and why?