To slow down or not: what to do when the car overtaking you does not have time to complete the overtaking


Recently, I described the situation when a dashing overtook me, clearly not having time to complete the maneuver. A truck was walking towards.

I braked almost to the floor to leave him a place to complete overtaking.

But in the comments I was reproached for the fact that my actions could have sad consequences. I quote:

Now let’s understand.

In the situation in which I was, I really had two options:

There was no option on my part to move as much as possible. The fact is that we had this road recently, laying a layer over the old. The road turned out without a roadside.

That is, there is a roadside, but the congress to it through such an impressive step, 15 centimeters. You understand how the congress through it can end at speed.

I decided to slow down and I think that I did the right thing. My speed was originally about 80 kilometers per hour. The racer rode after me and accelerated somewhere to 110-120 kilometers.

Judging by his behavior before that, he is not one of those who will be inverted.

Yes, I understand that this is my subjective assessment, but she is.

Moreover, I clearly saw the wagon first. And my inhibition gave him enough space to complete the maneuver.

If he also began to slow down, then he would have done this clearly longer at his speed and would still roll further than me.

In addition, I believe that braking in this situation is clearly safer. Even with the worst development of events, I already rode slowly and he would reduce the speed in case of inhibition.

That is, everything would be less critical.

Yes, I understand that in this situation there is no only right solution. And in a particular case, I made a decision that turned out to be true.

But it will not always be true. Therefore, on the road the situation needs to be predicted. And it is not a fact that it will always be successful.

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