Three simple ways to avoid moral and material problems after the sale of a car with a mileage


It is not only easy to sell a mileage car not only because of the difficulty of finding a buyer with whom you will go on a price that will suit you both, but also because of many other reasons.

I would like to remind you of important postulates when selling a car, thanks to which you can avoid many unpleasant surprises in the future.

And not somewhere there then, but right here, and right now. No need to look for excuses and listen to the excuses of the buyer. We sold the car — immediately re -registered it.

In most cases, you do not know the person who buys a car from you. And what kind of person he is — you also do not know.

Then prove that you are not a camel, and that the fines are not yours, and that the car made an accident, but not you were hiding from the place.

Immediate re -registration of all these problems relieves.

This truth is often known when it is too late. And it applies not only to cars. You can’t sell anything to relatives.

After a couple of days, they will ask you why the seats do not work, although it worked for you, and in a year they will hint that you intentionally hid the developing oil and water.

Over time, all this will develop into a very bad attitude, which could be avoided very simply: not to sell the car to relatives.

You are not a bank, you have no license to provide financial services.

Today’s financing market is so large that everyone who can at least remotely prove their solvency can get a loan for the missing 100-200 thousand.

If a person cannot get a loan at the bank (or does not want), then he will be unlikely to be able to give money to you.

Moreover, the bank at least has intelligible debt collection tools. And you?

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