They dismantled two identical engines: on one they changed the oil every 15, on the other every 7 thousand run


We have already raised the theme of oil several times, the main thesis of those articles sounded something like this — it is better to change the oil more often, but pour cheaper than less, but expensive, good. But subjective conclusions and experience is one thing, but a living example is completely different, there is nothing better than the illustration.

To illustrate, two Lada Grant cars with 8 valve engines were taken. The same cars, but completely with different fate. The first mileage at the time of disassembly of 40,500 kilometers, and the second 73 140. Cases are also interesting in that they were constantly different oils, in other words, that it was more convenient for the owners to buy, it was filled.

A car with a replacement interval of 15,000 km:

The drive mode is 50/50, half the time the track, half the city, the car warms up in the winter at least 20 degrees, if there is time up to 50. Pour gasoline AI-95.

A car with a replacement interval of 7,000 km:

The situation is quite interesting, in the first case we see a lot of varnish soot, which is poorly tapped, and in the second a clean engine. Of course, this is just a picture under a valve lid, but even this says a lot.

What happened in the first case? Is the interval to blame for everything?

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