The taxi driver decided to steal the caps from a neighbor’s car, how did we learn him and what to do in such a situation?


On January 31, the day was and so gloomy enough — dirt, wet snow, cloudy. Having left early in the morning for the parking lot, he noticed that there were no caps, which were definitely there, on the recently purchased Skoda Rapid neighbor. He did not attach much importance to this and calmly went to work. Returning home in the evening, I saw a neighbor and a police car. As it turned out, “their legs attached the caps”, last night they were still in a car, and in the morning they were no longer.

Of course, I periodically see the records, as somewhere with the Lada they removed the battery or left a new Vesta on bricks, but the caps, who needs them at all? Someone will say children’s prank, but children now have enough entertainment funds, and most importantly, local children are well aware that several cameras weigh on the house.

In general, the police did not really do anything (no one was waiting), accepted statements, said: “We will look for!” And left. It turned out to be quite difficult with the cameras, since you need to write an application for an archive and wait for Monday so that a specialist who can rewrite records to an external medium comes to work.

On Monday, the neighbor reviewed the records and said that the caps were removed by the taxi driver, drove up to the same Skoda at 2 nights, pulled the caps and left. The numbers of the car and face are not visible, and what is happening is only partially visible, since the car was parked in the dead area for cameras. The investigator, looking at the record, just spread his hands — the numbers are not visible, we can’t do anything.

It was decided to dig further and once again request (demand) records from all cameras (initially refused), the investigator also kindly handed the disc with the records of city cameras in the district (there was no time to watch it himself, but he asked them to request them, it is necessary to report about the work done) .

As a result, at the request of the neighbor, we divided the material and began to watch. He found out that this taxi driver after driving along the entrances, where he “lit up” his license plate. And I found a reason, as it turned out, he lives very close, parks on the road that city chambers cover. On the same night, several unknown caps pulled off the caps and disappeared (more smart, worked on foot), he went to the car for about one in the morning, and in two nights, he overwhelmed his anger, and he decided to transfer his misfortune to someone else’s shoulders.

In this situation, Yandex’s actions were pleased, this is what the operator said — the car is not ours, we provide only information services and responsibility for the actions of taxi drivers, we are not carrying out, at the time you specified, this car was not on the line.

The information that we collected was pleased with the investigator, and he got down to business (it is a shame of course that we have to do everything on his own, but as I understood the question more in the authorities, which hits hands and makes you turn a blind eye to such things and do something more Serious, with a shortage of personnel seems to be logical). Taxi driver, voluntarily issued the caps of the police and wrote a sincere. The cost of caps was estimated at 3700, a criminal case was opened on a taxi driver. Now he is waiting for deportation with his brother, also turned out to be illegal.

Say, sorry for the illegal, he could feed his family, could they agree peacefully? In general, the neighbor was ready to simply accept his caps and apologies, but no proposals to resolve everything peacefully, and we must fight for the order around, including ourselves.