The registrar with Aliexpress for 7600, what happened to him in a year and was it worth buying his money?


Without a registrar, it is extremely difficult to imagine your movement today, there are a lot of cars, traffic jams, a sharpened rush from all sides, and then prove on your fingers that you are actually not to blame. When I was looking for a new registrar, he allocated several main criteria for himself: compact dimensions, Sony sensor, two recording channels and the possibility of recording in the parking lot.

We didn’t particularly look at us, there is definitely good options, but I have long wanted to try the praised version from China — Conkim. His models are sold under other brands about 5-6 thousand more expensive. The model is called Mini 0906 and with the maximum set of delivery it costs 7,994 now, and on Black Friday will be 7,355.

This is a full -fledged two -channel registrar, the image is recorded from two cameras simultaneously in the FullHD resolution, this is an important point, because A two -channel registrar can be found for less money, but the second camera there is more for a checkmark.

The delivery set included the registrar connection unit, which allows you to implement the parking mode (recording 2 frames per second and less current consumption, as well as disconnecting in the event of a voltage drop to the battery to a configured value), a polarization filter that allows you to remove the glare of the torpedo on the glass, the cable power, second camera and video cable.

Connecting this device is a whole epic, since I love when all the equipment is installed carefully and is not particularly striking. As a result, we have the following scheme-the power is taken from the fuse block, through the signaling keychain, the registrar can be included in the recording mode in the parking lot (the so-called Time-Lapse core per second is written, in this mode 64 GB enters 2 days from two chambers), Also, in the case of an alarm, the alarm will force the registrar forcibly, but already in the usual recording mode of 30 frames FullHD from two chambers.

The quality as a whole suits me, but it is satisfied only in a single-channel FullHD 60 frames mode, the numbers on the stop frames are read even on the flying oncoming car. But why buy a two -channel registrar and not use its abilities? Therefore, I will give a few stop cadres below. In short, the quality suits me, the overall picture is clearly visible, but the numbers are not always, especially dirty ones.

As for the quality of execution, so everything is very at the level. It costs two large capacitors instead of the battery, and, therefore, there should be no problems in the cold or in the heat with this element. There is additional protection against overheating, and the working declared operating temperature is from -25 to +65. It last winter for two days at first -22, then -29, the flight was excellent, and in the summer there was a trip to the Crimea and even after long parking in the open sun there were no problems.

Of the minuses, for me personally, the screen, I do not need it, it would be better if there was Wi-Fi and control through the phone, because All the same, I installed it for the mirror, using the standard screen is inconvenient from the driver’s seat. Also, an insignificant loss (about a couple of seconds) when cutting the recorded files, the problem disappears, in single -channel mode (apparently there are not enough processor). Software for viewing is not the most convenient and sometimes “crashes” when viewing.

That’s all,