The man himself ennobled an island of dirt near the house, despite the ban of the authorities


    The topic today is not quite automotive, although there is a connection, and most likely even a direct one. The story about a man from Chelyabinsk, his name is probably not so important now, he wanted to do something on his own with the island, which has long been loved by car owners who can drive onto the curb as a place to park a car.

    As a result, dirt was always turned up in this place, ruts remained, and in general it looked scary. As a result, our hero and his neighbor decided, why not take the initiative in their own hands, spend some money and fix the situation.

    The guys understand how everything works for us, sent a request to the local “fathers of the city” so that they would bless their initiative to spend time and money and do THEIR work. To which they received template replies. Okay, not allowed, but not banned either.

    They took it and did it, they did it beautifully, they put up posts so that the conquerors of the curbs would give up the idea of ​​standing on a beautiful lawn and honestly have a look, I especially like to look at this photo with the result before and after.

    How long do you think this will take and how will the authorities of Chelyabinsk react? So far, there is no such information, but I would be glad if the guys were at least thanked on behalf of the mayor, for example.