The constructive miscalculation of Lada Vesta about which the owners will learn about after the appearance of corrosion


Children’s “sores” are inherent in any car. We should not say the task of saying that Vesta is a bad car and it is collected by people with their hands from the wrong place. The task of warning the owners about the possible problem in their Lada Vesta, and if you believe the statistics of these have become a lot of such.

Few people think about the possibility of such a problem, which is not surprising, the problem is not massive, but it is quite common, which is confirmed by the warranty masters.

The possibility of the problem depends on the assembly, or rather the installation of the hood gaps, and the discrepancies for the assembly on the VAZ are quite serious, which the Japanese noted when the Almera production was established, the first parties greatly limped with quality.

So, the essence of the problem is to wipe the LKP “hidden” cavity, and more specifically, the hood of the hood on the back, provided that many open it very rarely (it is considered not solid, really?), The problem is found when you need to repaint at least Locally part of the hood.

The hood is wiped either in the area of fit to the rubberist seal (inherent in the cars of the first batches), or in the area of the docking of the plastic of the toad and the hood.

Below the photograph demonstrates the consequences of wiping with the seal and plastic, it looks unpleasant, it will not have a relatively new car due to corrosion of desire.

By the way, rubber and plastic are coping even with cataphorageal soil, which treat Vesta, which allows to give a guarantee for 6 years from through corrosion.

How to deal with this problem?

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