The Chinese are doing things or what happened to the Lifan X60 for 400 thousand taxi runs?


We continue the rubric “I have a high mileage” or “Reliability test drive”. What is your personal attitude to the Chinese auto industry? Speaking for myself, I never really looked in the direction of Chinese cars, the main prejudices are: undeveloped dealer networks, problems with spare parts, “dampness”, a body without processing, unreliable units.

At the same time, I have two good friends, one Geely Emgrand has been driving for 6 years, and the other has a relatively fresh Lifan, I always took their joy and rays of happiness as calls to join the next MMM.

However, I had to take a slightly different look at the Chinese auto industry, after a letter came to the mail from the community administrator “In full sail” with the following content: “We have a guy in the community, kind, open c Lifan, on which for 6 years he ran 400 thousand, here is his number … ”.

More to the point, the owner’s name is Levon, he lives in Sochi, and his main occupation for the last 11 years is a taxi.

flew by unnoticed


Then more serious problems began, the box could not stand it, although the mechanics, I had to look for guys who were ready to take on the repair of the Chinese box, yes, they did not want to take on repairs in most services.

Of course, the weak point is the body, after 14 years the Lifans began to process and paint normally, in the case of Levon, the car is 13 years old + driving along Krasnaya Polyana, where evil reagents are sprinkled in winter, the paintwork decently “ate”, but only in sandblasting places.

330 thousand engine overhaul,

Levon, what’s next?

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