Solaris, Polo, Vesta, Logan: comparing the cost of consumables or who has the cheapest maintenance


A budget car should be budget in everything. However, very often people are guided only by the entry price (the price of buying a new car). At the same time, as a result of ownership, a car with high fuel consumption, less reliable, with a high maintenance cost, but a low initial price may not be so profitable.

I offer you a small comparison of the cost of original consumables for popular budget cars among our fellow citizens: Kia Rio / Hyundai Solaris, VW Polo Sedan / Skoda Rapid, Lada Vesta and Renault Logan. In 2019, more than 111,000 Lada Vesta, more than 92,000 Kia Rio, 56,000 Solaris, 35,000 Logan and Rapid, 56,000 Polo were purchased. A decent volume of new cars, of course, not all of them are taken for personal use, most of them work in taxis, carsharing, companies.

Let’s start with the base prices for maintenance, which are currently announced by dealers.

However, it is important to take into account the imposed jar of fuel additive, which you can safely refuse, and here is a funny nuance for Polo, it costs as much as 1500 rubles, and for Rapid about 800.

Now let’s move on to consumables, we will look at prices only for original (those that are put in official services) spare parts. In comparison, we will not take engine oil, since this is a subjective question, you can pour at least “Every day” from Auchan for 600 rubles. (by the way

As expected, Vesta and Logan are significantly cheaper in terms of the cost of spare parts for maintenance. The only caveat concerns the fuel filter; for Vesta and Logan, it is designed for the entire life of the car. If the thought arises to replace it, then you will have to change the fuel pump cartridge at a cost of about 5,000 rubles. A bit strange decision, especially with our fuel, in the style of some Toyota models.