Skoda Kodiaq at a 400 thousand discount from the price price, I tell you how it happened


One of his close friends since 2008 has traveled to Opel Astra. I traveled very little, about 6-7 thousand a year, drove-drove away and went to the thought of acquiring a new car-a crossover up to about 1.5 million rubles. Many options looked with him: Sportage, Creta, Tucson, Tiguan, Kodiaq, Outlander and Qashqai. The mind of my friend conquered Kodiaq, we will not discuss the correctness of the choice of pluses and minuses to competitors, this is not all important. He came to this choice due to the size of this car and German pragmatism in design, as well as because of the proposed price.

I really wanted to buy the right crossover, namely with a spacious salon, a “full” drive and not the most “vegetable” engine. But all these requirements were not fixed from “new to 1.5 million”. Therefore, having delighted his wife with the news that Astra does not go to her, but goes on sale, it was decided to try to assemble a codiac. Fortunately, almost all automakers now have convenient configurators where you can throw all your “Wishlist” and see the recommended price. The car turned out for 2.6 million rubles …

After communicating with dealers, it became clear that ordering the car is not the most right option, if you want to save, you will have to trust the choice of not the most reasonable manager who made up the car. In the first salon, we were offered a car for 2.2 million with a 1.4 TSI engine, all-wheel drive, DQ250 box, equipment as a whole is a good adaptive cruise control, LED optics, memory memory, but 1.4 liters for 2.2 million? Later, 2.0 TSI was also offered there, but in a poorer configuration for 2.1.

It was decided to start actively spending time looking for a dream proposal.

The second step

The third step

And this helped, the final supply of 1,999,000 rubles: 2 liters of diesel, all-wheel drive, DQ500 box, adaptive cruise control up to 210 km/h, salon fabric, but pleasant to externally, 2 zone climate, memory memory, non-awake access and A bunch of different joys of life in the form of heating, folding mirrors, rain and light sensors … The recommended price of this configuration is 2,400,000 with a penny of thousand rubles.

Payment was 1 million from the card + the balance was taken on credit, after our “pause” we agreed on a normal price at a CASCO of 44 thousand rubles, and initially wanted 110. And they also gave rugs as a gift, instead of alarm (they refused to let local people go There was no desire for electricians in the bowels of the car), instead we were given a set of nets, an original flavor, a set of chemistry, a set of motorist and two sets of secret bolts. As a result, everyone is satisfied, and most importantly, the car is really good, equipped, and the diesel has very low consumption, they didn’t twist it on the way and didn’t go more than 100 km/h, but you feel agility.