Sink in the cold: how to make sure that the cleanliness of the car is not to harm


Literally the day before I had to go to the wedding to friends. The road is not a little, 200 kilometers. On the street -4 and light snow falls. The track is all in porridge.

I arrived at the destination — the color of the car was difficult to find out. So far, yes, all this porridge in the car frozen thoroughly so well, making an ice shell around.

It was decided to go washed, as it was a shame to go to a restaurant in such a car.

But, let me remind you, on the street Moroz. The town is small: one full -fledged sink and one self -service sink for three posts.

I arrived at a full -fledged sink. I thought that now I would drive the car into a warm box, there it will thaw and it would be possible to wash normally.

But it was not there.

Saturday is the time of weddings. And many want to wash. The queue until the evening, there is nowhere to climb.

There are no options: I’m going to the self -service sink.

I charge a triple amount compared to the fact that I cry at a plus temperature.

I turn on warm water and begin to methodically water the machine. The task is to remove the crust of the mud with ice. It took me ten minutes. It was not possible to remove all the ice from the arches and from the cornices, but the car began to resemble the car on the body.

But then I made stupidity. Having caught foam, I left it for three minutes by old memory.

While she was working, I managed to drink coffee. And then a surprise was waiting for me. Instead of a crust of ice with ice, a crust of ice foam appeared on a car.

Again a gun with warm water and went methodically to sell the foam. She left easily quite easily, but still — there was plenty of time.

Then I already knew what to do: I drove the car to the vacuum cleaner, opened all the doors widely and the locks and loops blew well with a pistol with compressed air.

With a rag from the trunk, wiped the drusis with drying, sprunk the salon, wiped the dirty plastic area of the legs and left with a calm soul.

The locks, like the doors, did not freeze. Wrapping the openings and purging the locks helped.

There was no point in wiping the car. All water immediately froze.

The frontal from the ice quickly warmed up and wiped it dry.

The car was clean, which at that moment was most important to me.

And the very next day, heating the car along the highway, it quickly melted and dried up.

There were no problems with the sink in the cold.

If it weren’t for the wedding, I would go to wash today, when the sun was warming up and it seemed.

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