Self -service service: why am I crying for changing oil with my own hands


The channel already had a lot of information about self -service washing, which turned out to be extremely popular among our car owners. However, few people know about the existence of a service such as a self -service service. This is a hundred with all the necessary equipment — a lift, a hole, a hand tool, a power tool, a welding machine and so on, which can be used with hourly payment.

In my city, a good acquaintance has opened a similar one who has owned a major service for the past 10 years. However, large federal service stations entered the city and the flow of customers began to fall sharply (investments in advertising are paid off). The outflow of specialists who were lured by all the same hundred became collapse. Without experts, the service is not a service, but the owner was able to navigate and began to hand over the lifts, a hole or just a parking lot in warmth and with an instrument with an hourly payment. There were so many who wanted to do with the difference in wages of the masters, the owner began to earn even more.

When I was just starting to drive a car (VAZ-2108), I made all the repair and maintenance myself, I did not have the Internet yet, but there was a book “VAZ-2108 maintenance and repair”. Then it was from the lack of money, but literally after 3 years, when I got a job for normal work, it increasingly began to trust professionals. The question of saving time and lack of a good garage with a pit.

But, as I already wrote above, it became possible to pay and carry out all the procedures on their own in a place convenient for this. And here are three reasons why:

Do you want to do well — do it yourself.

I know my cars, I know about certain design features.

And here is another example, Toyota Land Cruiser and their cartridge filter, the master simply forgot the centering sleeve (“flute”), which is why the filter deformed the oil pressure, and because of oil starvation, the crankshaft neck lifted. Say the guarantee, the responsibility of the master who did … Perhaps, but personally, I poorly represent the service station, even the official one who, according to the first complaint, will run to unfasten half a million to repair the engine. Truth and compensation will have to be achieved.


As they say, there would be a desire, but there will always be time. I ask you to replace it, I don’t urge anyone, but I just share my opinion, since the driver is not equal to a mechanic, everyone should do their own business.