Renault Logan: undeservedly forgotten against the background of fashionable Koreans


Our motorists were, there are and will be needed inexpensive, trouble -free cars so that you can get from point A B B inexpensively. You can recall the periods when people massively bought Ford Focus (2 generation and 2 restyling), there was a huge boom on Renault Logan, Mitsubishi Lancer. And of course, the VAZ, this good has always been bought well. And in 2011, Koreans give us Solaris. What is success? Everything is simple: there are two main criteria either very cheap, or the car should be fashionable, pleasant externally and in the cabin at an affordable price so that no one would call the burdock.

The statistics show the following, in 2019 in Russia it was sold: Grant 29 thousand, Vesta 28 thousand, Rio 22 thousand, Kreta 17 thousand, Solaris 14. I do not want to say that these cars are bad, they are just budget, the manufacturer must earn, and The buyer must get what he wants.

Let us return to Logan, at first he was still in demand, but gradually the Koreans almost completely ate his sales. On the one hand, the French outwitted everyone, just buying a vaz. On the other hand, they continued to work on Logan.

And what about the price?

But still, why is Logan forgotten undeserved, what are his advantages?

The second significant plus is the engine and the box

Of course, he has problems, the main piston is without chicks, and the belt engine, in the case of a break, we get bent valves, so that the belt regulation will have to be performed, and this is once every 60 thousand.

In reality, a potential buyer, sitting down in Logan, then in Solaris, at least feels more space, Logan is small, especially the rear row. Plus, the salon itself, at Logan it became more pleasant, but more pleasant only in comparison with Granta. And he can compete in fact only with a grant (570 empty Logan and 435 empty grant), but it is put in a row of cars, which will be a minimum of slightly wider, longer, more interesting.

I do not want to say, here is Logan a cool car, but solarism is not. I just want to show that the buyer does not care, for many aspects that he will consider important. We are ready to give more money, for example, for Rio simply because I like the design. Everyone says, here is a foreign car, it is galvanized, but all the owners of Solaris touched the fact that there is no guarantee for the body on their cars, and there are 6 years on Vesta (you can read our

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