Question to readers: who is right (morally) in the situation on the road (blind overtaking)


Literally just stumbled upon a very entertaining video on YouTube. I will not bring it in the article, but it is easily searched by the name «Do not overtake where it is impossible.»

The video is interesting a few points, so I will analyze it in more detail.

So, a good road in one lane in each direction. In both directions, a dense flow of cars, the weather is bad, twilight. The road is wet, visibility is bad.

The car from which the shooting is carried out is driving at a speed of 90+ km/h.

There is no one ahead in his strip, the oncoming stream is very dense.

The road is hilly, which is important.

Behind one of the ascents, he sees a oncoming car in his lane, which does not have time to complete the overtaking.

The driver from which the shooting is conducted turns on the high light, the oncoming lane understands that there is no place to complete the maneuver, goes to the side of the road to himself. According to the driver of the registrar, without serious consequences.

The author of the video calmly rides on.

The question is exactly one: how correctly from a moral point of view did the driver of the car with which was shooting?

According to him, such a decision matured for a long time, while watching videos on YouTube with accidents.

The road did not allow urgently slowing down and maneuvering, and such a decision allowed him to get away from the consequences.

It seems to be legally correct. But morally?

After all, he could try to slow down, cling to the side of the road and create a place for a trip.

And he most likely weaned the oncoming driver from blind overtaking. But everything could end tragically for the oncoming lane?

She could not go to the sidelines at all, and then and for the registrar everything would be sad.

In general, your opinion is interested in: is there a place on the road to such a radical education of drivers who grossly violate the rules of the road?

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