«Now as new»: a way to clean the fabric upholstery of seats for 200 rubles


Seats with fabric or velor trim have certain advantages over the skin, but one global disadvantage — it is difficult to remove dirt quickly and easily, like from the skin.

I like to go clean, we already had many articles on this subject, for example, how to wash the leather steering wheel to the “like new” state, how to wash the car body with your own hands qualitatively. In the comments to these articles, I met a lot of negativity on the topic “Why wash something at all, the task of the car is to take the fifth point, and let the next owner wash”, if you are the same opinion, then it’s better not to read, since we will clean almost new seat.

So, my Skoda car, Children’s mileage 40 thousand, 3 years have gone. Seats of fabric and began to notice, especially in the sun, that the driver’s seat is significantly different from the passenger, there was dirt, which, by the way, is difficult to convey through a photo that was not washed off with a damp cloth, and in general, the seats began to lose the appearance.

In the last car, it was possible to develop a simple but effective cleaning methodology, it is borrowed from the hostess during the carpet washing, but not the point. Everything that is required to be displayed in the photo above is a car cleaner for fabric, the price of 178 rubles, a bottle of 5 cars, a brush with a soft pile, two rags, a bucket of water. One seat takes no more than 10 minutes.

I will describe the process briefly, and then I will go through the features. So, first of all, shake the balloon and apply foam, then immediately, moistened with a brush in the water, rub it on the surface, wait for about a minute, moisten a rag in the water and wipe the site several times with a damp rag, then pass a slightly dry rag.

It is better to apply foam in areas, otherwise it is quickly absorbed and not distributed evenly. It is better to walk with a damp cloth several times, below there will be a photo of the color of the water, after cleaning only the driver’s chair (the rag was new). It is also worth pushing the seams, there is usually a lot of sand, which is simply not noticeable.

As an option, to preserve the appearance of the seats, you can use capes, but not ordinary «terrible», but beautiful suede under Alcantara, these can be viewed on the site of our partners

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