Niva with a salon for a million


Agree or not, but the Niva “with an asterisk” is the only car fully developed by our designers. And you see, how it turns out, they took it upon themselves and made not just a car, but a trend, they gave birth to a crossover niche even before it became popular. Our man feels native in the Niva, otherwise how to explain such a huge number of projects where people take a new Niva and invest a lot of effort, time, imagination and, of course, money into it.

The owner of the Niva, which I want to talk about today, is Roman, a guy from Ufa. Externally, the car was comprehended, which have already managed to become classic improvements: the “Lynx” body kit, mud tires on black molding, thresholds for the BMW X5 style, LED optics all around (by the way, you should not immediately throw tomatoes, these headlights have a good STG, better than halogen).

Two rows of LED beams stand out, side mirrors with a repeater from Grants. It looks good, aggressive, no frills and extra candy wrappers.

But the most interesting is inside.

Let’s look a little lower — do you like the seats? Electric adjustments, everything naturally functions, these are seats from the BMW 4 Coupe, that is, the functionality of the back row is completely preserved, it’s not worth talking about convenience here, you can’t compare it with native benches.

Next, let’s pay attention to the panel, the native one was replaced by the so-called “Torpedo-Comfort”, this is a tuning panel for the field, even made of soft plastic, it costs about 8 thousand. The Ferrum instrument panel was purchased in it, many are familiar with this company.

But that’s not all, a Vesta steering wheel was also installed, to which heating was added. It is also worth paying attention to the missing handles for turning on the lowering and blocking the center axle. Electric drives are installed on the razdatka, it remains to bring only a couple of chips to the salon, to which you need to connect buttons.

Another story — a climate control unit from the Gazelle. Really native control of the stove straight from the 70s and a separate “twist” for the air conditioner looks shameful. But as you can see, everything is possible and Gazelle comes to the rescue, it looks like it came from a factory.

It is also worth mentioning the sound and what is now “going on” in the trunk, I think it has long been clear that this field is not quite for hunting and fishing, no one here thought about the place, practicality and other things, the task is to make it beautiful and it is done by 100%.

It is pointless to discuss the question “why” and “where it was better to spend the money”, everyone decides for himself, but it is clearly necessary to evaluate the work, link to