New Year’s Eve per hundred, which almost became a reality


Literally just with me, and not only with me almost a very interesting case happened.

I arrived at a hundred to replace oil, filters and brake pads. There was no house at home, so two weeks ago I signed up for the master on December 31 at 9:20.

I arrived at nine o’clock, there were already several cars under the gate, the masters still drank coffee.

Exactly at 9:15, everyone drove in place.

While they changed the oil and the filter, I got the impression that I am not at a car service, but in a grocery store: everyone needs something. Someone urgently change something, pull someone, take someone off.

And everyone has one question:

«Vasya (or another name of the master), can you accept me today?»

The feeling that is not the New Year, but the last day when there are a hundred.

The answer for everyone was unambiguous — no. Everything is only by record.

But the post is not about that.

They changed my oil and filter and the car went up on the lift to fasten the protection.

And at that moment the light goes out to one hundred.

It was not dark, but the pause hung Mkhatovskaya. Three lifts have three cars at the top.


«There was no warning that there would be no light today.»

In our two weeks, power engineers send notifications of planned shutdowns.

All those whose cars were upstairs were already thinking about how to go home. But they called the energy company and there they assured that the shutdown is emergency and they would try to eliminate it up to an hour.

This hour has gone after cute conversations with good coffee.

An hour later they turned on the light, the cars were lowered and we went home.

New Year for a hundred did not take place. But I was even a little happy!

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