Nanoplene for numbers: a beautiful divorce for money or does it really work?


The wave of information about the «nanopian» has subsided, but still I want to contribute to this topic, as well as, perhaps, to protect someone’s money. For those who do not know a little, I will explain a little. Gotes on the Internet are actively trying to promote the nanopharynus, having glued which on the license plate of the car, you can not be afraid of traffic police fines from automatic fixation cameras. The essence of the film is that it reflects the “outbreak” and thereby lights the number by making it unreadable for the recognition algorithm. For example, I will give a typical advertising photo below.

The prices for the film are very different and at the very beginning of the “boom” I was commanded and decided to order for a test, although I can’t say that I feel problems with fines, I use

Actually, let’s start with how the cameras generally determine the license plate of the car?

And right away the first moment, the film does not work during the day, which some sellers do not hide. But in the dark, the first time the film really confused the algorithms of automatic determination of numbers and letters.

However, if you look at the photo with a human look from the camera, then it will not be difficult to determine the number, everything is clearly visible. And here is the most important point, all fines are processed manually, it may have been seen that the penalty that comes by mail on the reverse side has a resolution on behalf of a certain inspector who brought it to you.

After some scandalous decisions in the traffic police, when the motorists came for the speed of light or for violations of the tow truck on which the car was traveling, they realized that the automation needed a living assistant who would double -check everything, and also help it determine the numbers.

At the moment, the algorithms are finalized and now even Chris, which often put on unlit sections of the route will easily send you a fine, with a film and without.

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