LED lamps in a stop signal, does it make sense?


The other day I drove around the city and drew attention to the VAZ-2107, the car attracted attention with its rear lights and, as a whole with a neat and well-groomed appearance, it is clear that the owner has a desire to engage in a car, and most importantly, hands grow from the right place. The lanterns on the car were finalized, but wisely, they shone brightly, did not blind, while the light source is not “point”, as is often the case when the LED tapes are used, but it is absent -minded, but this is not a light bulb, but a LED module in the size of the section, In general, I liked it.

Agree, the stop-signal is very important in the car and personally, I meet daily cars with which he

Actually, after the seven seen, he thought a little about the feet of the signals, began to observe various cars, and the factory solution was especially interested. Of the personal cars, the best stop was on Mitsubishi Outlander XL, there were LEDs in large numbers in the lanterns, very bright, even blinded in the dark. Now in Skoda I like the big central stop, it is also well read,

The first thing I paid attention to, LED stop-signals do not have a smooth ignition, they light up instantly and also go out instantly. This can be understood by evaluating the design of incandescent lamps and LEDs. But more importantly, personal sensations, a sharply sunbathing stop signal attracts attention much more effective. The LED lights up about a second earlier.

He began to study the proposals market, immediately decided that it was better to abandon unknown intelligent decisions, but to overpay right away, but to buy, something normal. I studied proposals from OSRAM and Philips, there are solutions specifically for the stop signal (red) and under the base P21W. Article 12899RX2, the price is actually not such a biting 1200 for a blister with two lamps.

In order not to come up with anything with the tricks that will bask, I took a diagnosis for VAG and prescribed a new encoding for the LED lamps for LED to the Comfort block, the benefit of the encoding instructions is enough.

I inserted the lamps, received the expected result and even more. The camera does not convey this, evens out the exposure,

Conclusion: If you have a car with “weak” stop-signals, such a refinement will be justified, but it is better not to save on the lamps, it can end sadly, below the photo, I inserted this light bulb into the trunk plafon, I ordered with Ali, in general, puffed it She was very beautiful, well saw and quickly threw off the chip from the ceiling.

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