Lada Kalina 4×4, a real Cross, which «wrapped up» the leadership of the VAZ


Earlier we published an article about the VAZ-21099 Victoria, the car was different from the usual 21099 all-wheel drive, and to be more precisely driven by the 4th wheels. Many are familiar with the creations of the VAZ, where they tried to use the Niva transmission, for example, 2111 Tarzan. But all this did not make any sense, this is still the same Niva just with another body.

In Victoria, the “all -wheel drive” system used by other auto manufacturers used the VISKOFTA system for years, it really was a VAZ victory, many even began to think that here it is, 4WD for everyday life and not expensive. However, they rested on the fact that half of the transmission was imported, and this greatly appropriate the final product.

In 2006, the project received a new impetus, Lada Kalina was taken as a basis in the station wagon, quite popular among our citizens. By the way, in our country there is one interesting paradox, Lada station wagons have always had good sales statistics, and the universals of imported production were practically not in demand.

The main problem of previous attempts, putting a full -wheel drive on a VAZ car is a large number of imported spare parts, which increased the cost of the car and made it not competitive in the market.

The engineers took into account the errors of past attempts and the first thing they finalized the domestic 16 valve engine, forced it to a volume of 1.8 liters. They used a native gearbox and a power reducer made specially for it. Three semi -shafts came out of it, two of which went to the front wheels and were almost equal in length, and one went to Wylian, which was installed not by the rear axle, but approximately in the center of the car.

The cardans and the rear subframe were made of aluminum, on the one hand it is a significant relief of the structure, on the other hand, it is a rather soft metal, and our roads are not very, even massive Audi levers for 80 thousand run lose their geometry, but this is not important.

Viskuyfts from GKN and the rear gearbox from Niva were used. VISKOUTTA: If it’s just two discs that can rotate independently or dependent, a special gel that hardens for this if the discs begin to rotate at different speeds. That is, if the front axle rotates, and the back is worth it, then one package of clutches rotates, and the other is not, therefore, the car is slipping, the coupling closes and the moment goes to the rear wheels.

Also, Kalina 4WD was slightly lifted (15mm), wrapped around the perimeter with plastic, later we will see all this on Kalina Cross, but the most interesting, namely, the all -wheel drive was removed from it. On the basis of this car, the LADA C-Cross platform was tested, it was planned to finish any LADA car with all-wheel drive as an additional option.

The leadership considered that such a car would not be in demand, it is an expensive, closest competitor (at that time, Suzuki models) is only $ 5 thousand more expensive, but in the current course this is a very significant difference. In general, not far -sighted guys these “fathers” AvtoVAZ.

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