Instead of Zhiguli, I bought Focus for 100 thousand from the reseller: I asked how they find such profitable cars


After he sold the Niva (was the second car in the family), I realized that it was extremely sorry for my traveling work, the main car. Previously, service transport has been given out at work, but the company’s affairs are not very going on in recent years, but on the condition that every second wise guy has been wrapping a run and inventing a breakdown — the leadership decided to sell the fleet. In return, all employees began to buy a “travel” in car sharing and other public transport. Those who are ready to drive in their car, the company pays for 10,000 rubles.

For myself, I chose the last option, but I repeat, it became a pity for a new car, and I got used to that before for such cases there was a field. He began to look for cars in the budget up to 200,000 rubles, mostly looked at the VAZ — younger cars, easily service, all problems are known. However, at one moment I turned up such an announcement.

Ford Focus II Restyling 2008, 2 liters, price 110,000 rubles. I saw the announcement 20 minutes after its publication. I immediately phoned the seller, asked a couple of questions and went to look. What I liked was the nature of the accident, nothing needs to be pulled — I played a bumper amplifier, the radiator, the bumper got a couple of cracks, the headlights left the mounts, the hood, the headdock cracked, broke the intake manifold and a plastic TV. (although from the photo it seemed that the blow was very weak) The seller turned out to be a reseller who managed to pick up this car for 70,000 rubles. A little bargain, took it for 100 and dragged a friend into the garage on the tackle.

We talked with the reseller for a long time, an open talkative man came across. Most of all I was interested in the question of how he manages to find such cars. After all, before that, almost every evening, for 2 months, I looked through ads and I did not find anything but Lada, I couldn’t find a holey sonata and Loganov with a taxi.

As it turned out, “outbuilding” is his attempt to survive with great comfort, and so he has a constant work of 5/2. That is, he does not have 24/7 time to view ads. To “grab” good cars, he has several close friends who can periodically give something from Trade-in when you need to close the plan. But the main stream of cars comes from ads to view them faster and more comfortable, it uses the service

Upon arrival home, I decided to study the service. If it is very simple and short, the service offers a service — everything is in one place for a reseller, a colleague, just a person who is looking for a car on the secondary. It all starts with the filter settings, we choose which car is needed, for what cost and so on. After that, we get a list of cars from all popular and not very ads. Each search is preserved, which is convenient when you are looking for several cars. But most of all I liked it not even that.

Usually, as it happens, climbed, looked through all the ads, went on something, looked something right away, something after the call. And good options, as you know, are sold on the first day (like my focus, for example). The service constantly collects ads on configured filters if something new appears, sends information to Telegram or notification (if the application is worth, by the way there is an application for Android and iOS). And this is convenient, you do your business, but always aware of new ads.

But even this is not all the capabilities of the service — you can also check the seller and the car in all bases. An example from life, a friend sold his prior, put up on the site, an hour later a man calls him and reports that he has a restriction on his car and he is ready to pick it up, but cheaper. He did not understand it with a discount of 40,000 rubles, and as it turned out, the reason was an unpaid fine of 500 rubles, which he did not know about. The person who bought it turned out to be a reseller, quickly pierced the car and took measures (of course, you need to do it, but you need to know)

I’ll be back to Ford Focus. I ordered a hood, a plastic TV, a radiator, I bought a bumper amplifier and an intake manifold at a disassembly (it was broken with a hood). The headlights, the bumper and the hood immediately gave it to painting-repair. I ordered domestic frontal boron, replaced it itself, since there is experience. It took 27,000 rubles, I ordered the little things for another 6 thousand — candles, antifreeze, butter, filters. Total 133,000 rubles and the car is ready.

The car has already worked well 6000 km, 2.0 the engine is very pleasant in the city (even when examined, he made an endoscopy of cylinders), pulls well, works quietly. There are only problems with the salon, very dirty, but has not yet been possible to get to dry cleaning. That’s all, pick up cars wisely (taking a broken car is not wisely, this is a personal experiment that was a success). Thank you all for your attention!