Inclusion of light before starting the engine in frost: if this is the point?


    In winter, motorists are divided into two camps:

    A profile survey at one of the automobile forums gives an idea about the balance of power in these camps. Here is its results:

    They include headlights of 24 percent of respondents, do not include — 46 percent. The rest do not start the car after a frosty night.

    The most interesting thing is not that those who do not include headlights are almost twice as much, but that a quarter of all motorists still turns on.

    What is at the origins of this «life hack»?

    It was not possible to find a particular source, but it all comes down to the fact that the turnover of the headlights helps to warm up or activate something there in the battery.

    Someone talks about the temperature of the electrolyte, someone about the launch of electrochemical reactions.

    But most agree that blinking with highlight lamps to improve the start of the engine in the frost does not give any effect. Two lamps of 60 watts will not warm anything, electrochemical reactions that are launched and improve the further launch of the motor — generally nonsense.

    So it turns out that some motorists do this only as a tribute to some traditions that once existed and which someone honored.

    In fact, not everything is so obvious here.

    It was possible to meet in some instructions to the cars a clause that for successful launch in the winter, it is necessary to turn on the headlight lights before starting for a while. Argumentation was not given this step, but there is no reason not to believe the car manufacturer.

    So what to do? Blink or not blink? That’s the question!

    And the answer to it is simple:

    Follow your car! And you will not have the need to look for ways to successfully start the engine in the cold!

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