I ran the car through the databases and found a photo of an unregistered accident.


Let’s start with a little background: in 2019, 1.76 million new cars were sold in our country; on the secondary market, everything is more complicated with statistics, but there is data from AutoStat on the best-selling models — 136,000 transactions for the sale of the VAZ-2114, about the same number of Ford Focus (if you add up all generations), in third place is the VAZ-2107 with sales of more than 118,000 units . If you take the TOP-10, then you get more than 1 million sales.

Naturally, in such a large market of supply and demand, there are many different kinds of scammers whose task is to earn quickly, and not stably. I will not equate resellers with scammers, there are normal people among them who, at a minimum, take on the fuss of preparing a car for operation — minor repairs, dry cleaning, body repairs. However, there are also dishonest guys, whose task is not to sell, but to “merge”.

The other day I got a call from a close friend whose wife recently got her driver’s license. For the first time, he decided to take her something compact and inexpensive. Being a fan of VAG, he decided to consider the Skoda Fabia. He called from the place of inspection of one of the cars, in order to ask to “break through” the car by number.

The announcement stated: 1 owner girl, native mileage, no accidents and repairs, the owner is selling. The seller confirmed all this in a telephone conversation. Everything would be fine, and judging by the state of the interior, the mileage is really small, but I was embarrassed by the fact that all the fasteners on the front were unscrewed — fenders, hood, bumper. One headlight native, and the other Depo. Even before leaving, a friend checked the car according to the traffic police databases, there were no accidents.


Indeed, no accidents were found in official and unofficial sources. However, the digital age, everyone takes pictures of everything, put it on the Internet. The service looks for any photos that contain a car license plate. So, for example, a passer-by could take a picture of a severe accident and post it to the news community of some social network. At the same time, the participants in the accident could disperse peacefully without registration. The former owner, in his logbook on the D2 portal, posted a note that he was in an accident with a photograph of the state of the car.

I sent these photos to a friend, who showed them to the «owner», in fact, a dealer. According to the words, at first he turned a little pale and did not say anything intelligible for some time. Then, apparently, he gathered his thoughts, began to talk about Photoshop and the fact that the discount should be knocked out not like that, but humanly: “Tell me as much as you want, I will give in …”. It was pointless to talk further, and it was decided to refuse to buy such an option.

Of course, we didn’t expect anything good from the announcement practically at the bottom of the market, but since the reseller changed the VIN (in order to pass the bulletin board checks), and the car in the photo looks generally good, it was decided to take a chance and evaluate it. In fact, above is a screenshot from the AutoCompromising report, the car is also with restrictions. They are imposed due to non-payment by the owner of utility services.

It doesn’t matter which service you use, I just talked about my choice — it’s important to always check everything, especially when buying a car in the secondary market, where, apart from “yes, they even fall new from car carriers,” there can be many legal pitfalls.