I decided to check how the dealer installed the “gift” alarm.


Choosing a new car, I decided not to be too lazy and collect offers from all dealers. In my city there is only one official dealer, there is no competition, every day at least one car is issued. It is almost impossible to get a discount from them, everything suits them anyway. But in the capital, apparently there is a struggle for the number of sales and the client. As a result, I settled on the sweetest offer — they made a discount in money, conditionally gave winter tires as a gift and installed an alarm system with auto start.

To be honest, I don’t trust installers. equipment at OD. However, the offer is profitable, I decided not to refuse (on request, just give me the equipment, I was refused, only together with the installation). They set me a Pandora alarm, I was immediately embarrassed by the nuance, the car was given out with one key, the second was required for autorun (they didn’t even warn me). It turns out that new VAG cars are not yet amenable to keyless bypass.

On all past cars, I have always installed a DVR with hidden wiring and hidden connections, I don’t like dangling wires. On the previous car, I was completely tied up with the control of the registrar through the alarm system (there was a free power relay in the relay unit, which was assigned the necessary operation logic). The recorder was turned on forcibly from the key fob and automatically when an alarm was triggered. Decided to go to the same guys in the service


Second, wiring.

I didn’t like the connections even more, I have nothing against twisting, but it can be made so that by pulling two wires, the twist will remain intact, and the wire itself will break. I see the point in soldering the power circuits of autorun.

Third, blocking.

I do not blame anyone, in general, this is a gift, albeit a conditional one. The equipment that the dealer installed was successfully sold for 6,000 rubles, thanks to the masters of s-motors, they dismantled it carefully, even retained the original wiring harness. You can also understand the OD masters, in order to see something similar to a salary at the end of the month, you need to set 3 alarms a day, so the task is to make the promised functions work and nothing more.