I bought a BMW 320d F30 at a new West Sports: why exactly BMW and impressions after 10 thousand km


For the past 8 years, he worked for a mortgage and repairs in the apartment. In the 4th year of this wonderful marathon, he closed the mortgage ahead of schedule and decided to take Lada Vesta for himself (the benefit is not like in Moscow, and a good 3-room apartment costs 3-4 million rubles in a new building). Vesta took the simplest: 1.6 with mechanics and without air conditioning.

For three years this West worked a lot, transported building materials, a family, sometimes broke, but not seriously, something covered the guarantee, somewhere it was to blame-overloaded the car with a mixture and burst the spring. As a result, the repair in the apartment was completed, and Vesta completed her task. It was decided to please himself a little, began to think about changing the car. I looked at Kia Optima, Toyota Camry, Skoda Octavia, Tiguan, Kodiaq — watched everything that got to the budget. However, the focus of attention shifted towards BMW, after during the next business trip they took with a colleague in the car sharing BMW 320i XDRive. For a whole week, at any opportunity, I tried to take this car, it seems they are contagious in car sharing, I picked up a desire to buy BMW.

After that, about a month took to view ads and study the material about the problems of these cars. By the way, contrary to the opinion of many, BMW make fairly reliable cars, simply operates them not like everything else, but where it is more tough. To

An interesting version of the 2017 year of release, 320d, a beautiful salon, all-wheel drive, one owner, a mileage of 28,000 km and a German assembly, the price of 1,180,000. They handed it on a trad -in to the official BMW dealer, there is all this time. served. The N47 diesel engine scared a little, but having talked with specialists in this area it became clear that these were not the engines that went before 13 years and had a timing chain that quickly stretched, and change only with the removal of the engine. On the other hand, this is a diesel engine, which means a low fuel consumption (we have a normal DT in the region) + there was an extended warranty on the car up to 21 years.

Special thanks to the Borishof OD, made a small discount and gave rubber rugs. It seems like a car and used, but it is made of good wear -resistant materials, it is difficult to say that he is 3 years old and he ran 30 thousand kilometers (at the moment is almost 40).

A little about the impressions. I surprised the fuel consumption of 4.2 liters along the highway towards the house (I didn’t ride especially quickly, I warped), 7-8 liters are released in the city, before that I had Vesta (about 10) and Outlander XL with a 3-liter atmospheric (about 12- thirteen). The question is not even in saving money, a full tank is enough for almost 800 km around the city, so rarely I have never refueled.

I really like behavior on the road: all -wheel drive, passage of turns (again everything is known in comparison, but this is the first car I have, on which, when passing the turn, I want to give more gas). In my opinion, the dynamics of the diesel, go up to 100 in a passport in 7 seconds, I didn’t measure, I just feel that it is going quickly for me.

Practicality — here I expected to lose a lot, but no, a children’s chair, a stroller, a bunch of things and three adults in the cabin, drove 140 km like that, it was convenient for everyone. By the way, the suspension, despite its sports settings, is very noble and comfortably passing for bedridle police and in general does not cause much discomfort. It feels like such a car of a young family man who still does not want to be sad at the crossover, but you need a car that is suitable for solving family problems

I don’t urge anyone, everyone buys what he wants, I bought a car. Thank you all for your attention!