How today German dealers are preparing for sale our Lada 4×4


I think many have seen catalogs of additional equipment, which was offered with Soviet cars sent for export. People there have always been spoiled by the number of sentences and lack of deficiency. So, for example, for the VAZ-2121, plastic body kit and bumper were already offered (which reached us and Niva Urban relatively recently), a sliding hatch in the roof, additional light, discs, kangarits, and so on.

Now the Niva in Germany remains the best -selling Lada car. Although this is an obsolete car without airbags, ESP systems and other things, it still turns out to be sold in Germany, but not more than 1000 units per model, but there is just a field, there is a Niva Urban, there is a 5-door Niva, it turns out that it turns out that You can sell 4,000 units per year (which is enough). With this volume of free cars there is practically no.

However, even under these conditions, German dealers are not sitting idle, making the Niva more attractive to the buyer. A serial car is taken as a basis, while the goal is as interesting and painlessly prepared for off -road.

Let’s start with the body. The body is painted with a special composition of Raptor, a very popular composition with us, you can even find ordinary city sedans that paint a Raptor (we have so harsh city conditions). As a result, the body is absolutely not afraid of branches and other small contacts. Also, do not forget that Niva is a field and a body body is weak (although they say that they began to treat with cataphorageal soil). The Germans did not forget about this and soundly treat the bottom and hidden cavities with anticorus.

The work with the body does not end there. In order to install large wheels, the arch are cut (I assume that before painting and processing), and plastic expanders are installed on top. In front we see a massive kangaroo, behind the stairs to the roof. The Niva looks in this performance very pretty.

For greater confidence on off -road, the road clearance increases (simultaneously enhancing the suspension), a shnorkel and a winch with a force of 1.6 tons and a remote control are installed. They also put 15 inch rally forged discs and mud rubber. Instead of native halogen headlights, they put LED headlights with a reflector (the seller claims that the headlights are certified).

They did not forget about the engine. It is left to the relatives, but they change the distribution shaft and firmware of the ECU in it. The final power of 92 horsepower, and the torque shelf is shifted to the speed range of 2000 — 4000. The increase is not large on numbers, but here it must be compared in live.

A little finalized the salon. The seats are seized with a substitute that is much easier to clean than native fabric seats. The mechanism for opening glasses manual, according to the manufacturer, is done on purpose. They ask for 20,000 euros for such a field, about 1.4 million translated into rubles.