How to remove saffron from the body for a long time yourself?


Among the three owners of domestic cars: Kolyana, Petrovich and Denis, the following dialogue occurred.

The arrows came together on Denis, indeed his VAZ-2114 has long been tightly overgrown with reddings in typical cars for this car: the front racks at the hood, arch and trunk cover. Periodically, he washed them with cleaning powder or orthophosphoric acid, but this is all before the first rain.

Further, he decided to clean them and tint them, there is a lot of tools, in the summer on vacation in 3 hours he made the whole car. Again, it turned out to be extremely not for a long time. Three months and winter returned everything to its place. You can certainly wave your hand, but, for example, the owner understands that for some long time he will use this car.

There is a way to eliminate the saffronies in better quality, of course it differs in complexity than just “finge and tint”, but special skills are not required, you only need a desire.

What will be needed?

Naturally needed

To process rust, you need to take orthophosphoric acid or “zincar”, but it is best to assemble a simple installation of battery, soldering acid and wires that clings to the plus of the battery, this can be read more about this in our article here.


Next, process the metal with zinc or chemistry. It is important to wash off chemistry, for this, citric acid is suitable. After each stage, we pass by a degreaser (not a solvent!).

Next, we cover the place with soil in several layers and for aesthetics on top we cover with paint in the color of the body and varnish.

But in fact, at the stage with the soil, you can already stop if the aesthetics is not very important. Such painting, with high -quality performance of corrosion processing, may be enough for two years. The method is not suitable for cases when a hole is rusted, it is already better to patch it, but not with foam and rags, but with metal rags.

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