How is Copart’s American auction or what is “Mickey Mouse” in the language of local outbursts?


The story of a divorce in the secondary market of cars takes place everywhere, it doesn’t matter this Russia, CIS or the USA, only the scale, approaches and participation of the authorities differ. I think many have read/heard/know that in the USA the story from the fraud of insurance companies is well developed, an example is broken by a window and paint is poured in the cabin, you are contacting an insurance company that considers damage to vandalism. The repair calculates only on the basis of original new spare parts, respectively, the repair can go into a good penny. Depending on the state, usually if the repair cost exceeds 50% of the current market value of the car, it is simply written off, and the owner is paid the current market value.

How it works?

What further do insurance with cars that were written off?

But the essence is not even that, insurance is all seeds, much more interesting is the further fate of such written -off cars. The fact is that they are often ordered in blind, simply trusting information and photographs that are provided at the auction. Moreover, studying sentences from the same Copart involuntarily an idea arises — how cheaply you can buy a good car there, correct the hinged or completely use JDM repair with plastic clamps, and ride a pleasure, because It will be difficult to sell it further.

So, to the case, on top of the Mercedes E300 of 2017, a mileage is only 20 thousand miles, and the price of $ 20 thousand, just a little was lost somewhere in the front bumper and was already at the auction, the car starts and can go, all pillows are in place, The equipment is rich, in general, everything is cool, right?

Next, we break through the story of this lot and find out what is not, not cool, and I would even say very sadly, see for yourself …

“Mickey Mauses” are cars that simply brought up, hiding the main defects, no one restored the pillows there, they are simply wrapped, and the torpedoes are seized, the metal is slightly stretched out with sledgehammer and the more or less living bumper, the elements that give out strong ones are just thrown from above. The blow is changing — they are boiled + photos are made from the right angle. Such cars are certainly not all, but there are a lot of them and it is not difficult to find, below is another example.

Most often, such a scheme works with people who order a car to other countries, everything is cool in the photo, just a bumper, but in reality this bumper can hide a lot of interesting things under him.