How in Skoda artificially worsen the characteristics of one engine for models of different classes


All VAG brands of groups are one large designer, maximum unification allows you to build family liftbacks and a premium sedan on one platform. I recently watched the review on Skoda Yeti, where the author was sincerely surprised how it is possible that 2.5 TFSI stood up almost without improvements in Yeti, but today is not about that.

For the third year I have owned the budget liftback of Skoda Rapid, in general, a good car, there are pros, have my disadvantages, I do not consider it the best in the class, I chose, since it satisfied my requirements. The 2016 car, from 15 to VAG cars assembled in Russia, began to put CWVA/B engines, which are also produced in Russia.

This engine for budget cars, 1.6 atmospheric, put it on a large number of cars: Skoda Octavia, Yeti, Rapid, Karoq; Volkswagen Jetta, Golf 7. The controversial motor, replaced the rather reliable CFNA, when he decided to take it or not, called his acquaintances to the taxi fleet, where he used to work, at that time there was already 4 VW Polo with CWVA, received information, took it. But again, the essence of this is not the case.

A year after the purchase, I went to pick up a new Octavia with a friend, he took the version of the “taxi” on 1.6 CWVA and the machine. Opening the hood of his car, I was surprised — the engines are the same, and the inlet is different, Rapid is just a trunk that takes the air from the engine compartment, and from Octavia, we can say cold intake.

He later found out that the Octavia fence can be screwed to Rapid, there are all fasteners, there is a slot on the TV, that is, the car was originally designed for this intake pipe. But still, will there be an effect? To make sure of this, I decided to connect with diagnostics and see the temperature at the inlet of Rapid and Octavia.

In winter, most likely there will be no difference, but in the summer in a traffic jam in the heat for 30, the engine will be easier to breathe, the probability of detonation is lower, the air is colder, which means denser. I believe that this is just an artificial deterioration in the characteristics of the car below the class.

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