How I reduced the consumption by 1 liter, getting rid of the habit of turning on the neutral


Car consumption — this topic is perceived every year more acute and sharper, the price is growing, but there is no income. Many acquaintances began to transfer to Solaris (yes, this car personally identifies the budget class of sedanov), even the chief from the last work called recently and was interested in the topic of HBO, he has a 2010 Chevy Tahoe.

I’ll start with a small background, two of my previous cars are Mitsubishi Outlander XL 3.0 automatic transmission and Toyota RAV4 2.5 automatic transmission, now I go mainly to Skoda Rapid 1.6 with mechanics. Initially, when he chose an economy Brichka, he looked at the fuel consumption declared by manufacturers and smiled, 7 liters in the city, but this is like in a fairy tale about an incho when they talked about her consumption in grains. Naturally, I understood that this application is more likely to be ideal city conditions and definitely not to mine.

Still, once long ago I read the study of us on the topic of fuel saving, where they experimentally came to the fact that 20% of efficiency depends on the driving style. In previous cars with an automatic box, everything just wanted to save-move calmly, on the same Outlander from 3 liters of V6 I could squeeze 11-12 liters in the city without any problems.

The mechanic and this moment is very important on the Skoda, because I myself am selecting a working range of revolutions and spontaneously always keep speeds high where the machine would definitely switch higher, but in many ways this feature is 1.6, it is not comfortable to go into the interference, and even to take it on it, and even Summarizes quickly.

As a result, I noticed that absolutely automatically, without thinking, when I see a red or other obstacle in front, which clearly slows me down — I turn on the neutral gear and food with a roll.

However, starting with a carburetor cargo equipment, where the movement on neutral was prohibited for safety reasons, the engineers thought and decided to block the fuel supply in order to save when moving with a switch with the inclined transmission.

Just in case, let’s go on the analysis on the fingers.

If we go in neutral gear, then that the engine does not staller, it works in idle mode, which is from about 0.6 to 1 liter per hour, like trifles, but most cars are not stupid today, they understand that you are going neutral and raise speeds For security purposes, and if you transfer the l/h to l/100 km, then, let’s say when driving at a speed of 20 km/h, it will be about 5 l/100 km.

As a result, I completely eliminated the movement in the city in neutral gear, in a compartment with good predictions, the current consumption does not exceed 8 liters in the summer and 9 liters of the winter period. Provided that I have a very small city, where traffic lights are every 100 meters, for me this consumption turned out to be more than acceptable.

If you want to save in a simpler way, without troubles on the topic of driving style, just go for pleasure, but at the same time economical, I advise you to consider