How do I safely wash the engine for 200 rubles


Someone will say: “Don’t stop the car from working!”, “Yes, how will you sell it later, everyone will think that you washed the oil!”, “Well, well, mine, you’ll get on the coil, we’ll see if you wash it later or not!” , and I will say — I like it when the engine compartment is clean, so even someone can evaluate its condition before washing as “so clean”. If you are interested in how you can do it on a budget, with your own hands, and most importantly, safely wash the engine, then we will continue.

So, you will need the cheapest foam engine cleaner, any brush, preferably with a long handle, so that you can conveniently clean all remote areas, you will also need a sprayer, I decided this time to go on the maximum budget and took from my wife her bottle for watering flowers (in I quickly abandoned this idea and took a pump-action atomizer).

In general, I have a clean engine compartment, sometimes I ask at the sink to wipe the air filter housing, battery and the outer part of the bumper, or I do it myself if I wash myself in a bathroom. But if you look closely, to the left, to the right, then everything is not so clean anymore.

First of all, I spray water on especially dusty surfaces so that it starts to do its job, softens the top layer and opens up access for the foam to denser dirt.

Immediately about water — naturally, you need to understand that flooding the generator, ECU and candle wells with water is not the most sensible idea, and you should not flood the radiator cooling fan too much. However, this is not an AED with high pressure, but just a garden sprayer, we pour water pointwise, deliberately — no problem.

Next, we begin to apply foam in small areas, I first fill in what is below and gradually rise higher so as not to dirty the sleeves.

After we take a brush and distribute the foam, we go through all the hoses, joints, the more time is spent on this process, the better the final result will look.

Then it remains only to wash off the foam, it turned out to be a utopia to do it with a mechanical sprayer, but with a pump-action one it was very fast, convenient and economical, it took only 6 liters of water for the whole wash. In a similar way, my engine compartment is not the first time and not on the same car, there were no problems with subsequent launch and operation. If you are interested in the topic of car care, you can also read our article “