GAZ 24 with 2JZ-GE engine, “catch-up” KGB with your own hands


    There is something in Soviet cars, even despite the great similarity or complete borrowing of Western ideas. How else to explain such a large number of projects on the basis of Soviet cars, in which such amounts are invested that many of you would say “yes it would be better for this money …”. Among all the sores of the Volga 24, for me, is the most attractive for me and every time you see a well -groomed 24, you involuntarily think about it “can you buy and make yourself a weekend car?”, But when you return to reality, you understand that there is no extra money.

    Today I want to talk about the project from Chelyabinsk, as severe from the point of view of the thoroughness of the approach to refinement. There was an idea to take the 24 Volga body and “put it on” for modern technical filling, for such cars the idea is not new, so it was necessary to add a “zest”. The Volga was produced in the bodies of the sedan and the station wagon. If you look at the projects, it is popular from the Volga to make a pickup (again the trends of American automobile culture), but what if you make a compartment? There is really not a lot of compartment on the basis of the Volga.

    All work began precisely with the body, the task is not the simplest, since you need to beautifully connect all the planes, especially for the roof. It should also be borne in mind that the car is quite old and made not from the best metal, so I had to almost completely digest the body, as well as further strengthen it. A lot of work was done, the body was sawed several times, healed, finalized, well boiled and in the end it turned out. The main problem of such alterations is proportions, it is difficult to calculate everything so that it also looks nice.

    Many are probably already at a loss, where is the KGB “catch -up” in general? Of course, outwardly, after such a global change in the body, the car will be highlighted from the flow, and the essence of the “catch -up” was that in the outwardly factory Volga there is a powerful engine up to 250 hp. and 520 N*m. However, despite the body of the compartment, the general style of the car is made in the factory style, seeing such in the city involuntarily, or maybe I did not know something and was a rare 24 Volga in the body of the coupe?

    Under the hood there is 2JZ-GE with a VVT-I gas distribution phase system, this is a classic atmospheric engine with a volume of 3 liters, a power of 230 hp. and a torque of 300 N*m. It is aggregated with an automatic gearbox also from Toyota.

    But the question is how to cope with power? Need brakes, suspension, possibly electronic assistants? Usually, when they are engaged in the 24th Volga, take the suspension from 31105, but not in this case. The front and rear suspension is independent on double transverse levers. The rear and front brakes disk from the Lexus GS300, from it all electronics (ABS, ESP).

    We worked well on the salon, the central console is from Toyota, the torpedo gas, the front seats Recaro Classic, and the rear sofa from the Lexus GS300, but a little modified, as it closed half the review in the rear mirror.

    In my opinion, the project turned out to be excellent, on the one hand, nothing superfluous, on the other hand is not boring and modern, there is everything and even more, seats with electro-regulations, cruise control, steering wheel, the steering wheel is adjusted in height and departure, in other words, this is not easy Korch, and a full -fledged car that can be used at least every day.